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Let’s be honest everyone would rather watch a Black Widow movie than antman

: #The only thing I’m excited about in the Ant Man movie is Cassie #you know what would make Cassie being in the Ant Man movie better? #Her best friend Kate being in the movie #of course #If Kate’s in the movie then Cassie’s other friends should be in the movie too #what I’m saying is I want a Young Avengers movie instead of the Ant Man movie

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Does anyone else besides my family do this thing where you make a strangled half scream whenever you stretch after not moving for too long?

If you do do you know why we do that?

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Want 2 backread but too tired to backread. Made progress in drawing transformers me. Harry was right it is fun. It’s rubbish but it’s fun. May finish and. Post later when I’m awake. Goodnight.

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if i had any talent for transformers i would absolutly try and draw my own but its a little to formidable for right now. like drawing robots in general yes but i think its bc i would have to figure out where everything goes